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Novel Chuka Sent to Editor

Novel Chuka Sent to Editor

Dear Faithful Reader,

I have exciting news for you today.

It’s been seven years next month since, in my cluttered writing nook, I jotted down the last few words of the novel I came to know as Chuka. This 300-page nightmare spawned from the 100-page thesis I completed in my masters at the University of California, Riverside. That, in turn, had spawned from a 20-pager I’d written in undergrad. This novel was a longtime passion of mine. I’d created these characters and dropped them into a horrible, disgusting situation, and I’d toyed with them. Messed them up. Stuck them with the pitchfork that was my keyboard. And the novel didn’t end well for any of them.

And then, life happened. Got married, had a kid. Got distracted. Took some time off. That’s all for another post.

This post, the one I’m writing in the early morning of September 4, 2019, is to tell you, my Faithful Reader, that I am back to tormenting these characters. I dug its pages from the earth and began to comb through them.

And last week, I contacted an editor who has agreed to devote some time to it.

I sent the pages to him yesterday, and our collaboration officially begins Friday.

There will be much more news in the future regarding this novel but, for now, I just wish to revel in the new life (and death) I’m giving this book.

Your pal,

Thomas Amaro

Personal Copies of Chuka Printed

Personal Copies of Chuka Printed